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Gift Exchange - 8/12 :iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 38 0 Under the Sirens' Spell :iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 45 11 -eyes- :iconoomizuao:oomizuao 4,194 122 I can stop any time I want! :iconchocolatechilla:Chocolatechilla 45 4
Mature content
Commish- Zecora TF/TG - 4/5 :icontf-sential:tf-sential 104 4
a trainer into Machop :iconmidorimushig:midorimushiG 88 25 MAKo-Bday-5 :iconphation:phation 823 34
Mature content
The Empress (TF/BE/Amazon/Demon) :iconmysticletterq:MysticletterQ 4 0
RU-and-Mako NEW YEAR 2016 :iconphation:phation 872 29
My New Year Night (Rockruff TF)
In 31th December 2016, Aridia (the 13 years old girl) and her friends were calm on the street in the afternoon. When it nightfalls, some xenophobes were going to attack them but Aridia and her friends took refuge in a edifice. In edifice, there's a New Year's Eve party. Gabriel Cael, his twin Guillermo Luis and Zeranight joins the xenophobia and the war.
- Thanks god that we have refuge - Aridia said.
- Yeah - Jiko said - What's next?
Lights turns on, some people appeared in the edifice. A singer appears on the stage.
- Ladies and Gentlemen - the random singer said - Are you ready to listen to music before and after the chimes?
- Yes! - everybody answer.
Then, the singer starts singing a spoof of "Living in Las Vegas" called "Living in Pamplona". While the singer sings this song spoof, Aridia and her friends pretend they are enjoying the end of the year.
- This year is worse than 2015 - Nadiya said - I hope 2017 will be better...
- Me too - Aridia said - I agree with you.
- Well, in 20
:iconaridiapizarro:AridiaPizarro 2 0
Old World Attitude Adjustment 5 :iconescafa:Escafa 69 5
Mature content
Pinkie Rubber :iconskyspeardw:SkyspearDW 58 6
Saints Row Tg Shaundi
Paul loved Saints Row, that much was true. He loved all to do with it. He had all the collectables and games. He favorite character is  Shaundi. He had a kinda unhealthy crush on her. He loved the way she look and acts, even when they changed her personality in the later games. He wished he could meet her if she was real. But he knows she is not.
 He was looking up some stuff about Saints Row when he got a message from his friend James.
"Hey man I heard you like Saints Row. But I know a Saints Row game even you don't know about." James messaged him.
"Oh yeah I doubt that." Paul laughed.
"Try me"
"Alright I will humor you. Tell me about it."
"It's called Saints Row: Saints Purple Edition." Paul was surprised. A Saints Row game he have not heard of?
"OK your right I have not heard of that." He admitted to him.
"Well I have a link to the website that sells it. Want me to give it too you?"
"Yeah sure hit me up with it." Paul looks though the link to find TGG
:iconwildfiremicro:WildfireMicro 4 6
Speed-Paintings Collection II :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 15 1
Final Dragon's World Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A Visit to Alex
That Monday morning, Lucas was waiting for his sons to finish getting ready for school. He stood by the front door, arms crossed as he watched the stairs, anticipating the moment that either Sean or Tim would be coming down. He then pulled out his phone and checked the time. It was 7:00. Lucas groaned impatiently.
“Sean! Tim! C’mon, we’re gonna—oh!”
Lucas was cut off when he saw his oldest son Sean hurrying down the stairs, one backpack strap slung over his arm while the other one dangled off the side.
“Hey dad. Tim’s just finishing up. He said he’ll be down in a moment.” Sean said hurriedly, breathing a little heavily.
“Alright but we gotta get going soon. Remember, we’re picking up Drake, Jake, and Crystal too.” Said Lucas as he slipped his phone back into his pants pocket.
“I know.” Replied Sean.
Five more minutes passed and Tim still hadn’t made his way downstairs. G
:iconanimeboye:Animeboye 5 5
A Haunting Melody (Melody Piantissima TG TF)
Brodie had just gotten home from school. He was about 5’ 3’, brown eyes, short black hair and had an average build. He wore glasses, a blue collar shirt and khakis. He kicked off his shoes and decided to play one of his favorite gamecube games Luigi’s Mansion. When he loaded up his save he was about to fight the ghosts of Melody Pianissima in the music room. He activated the event for Melody to appear and waited for her to play one of the three tunes that were from a Mario game, but strangely enough she played a tune he had never heard before. It put him into a trance and he started to hear woman’s voice.
“I will not allow myself to be sealed away once again in that dreaded painting. I will have my freedom. You shall take my place boy.” The woman’s voice said hauntingly. The music continued to play. Brodie was stuck in the ghost’s trance and didn’t notice the changes to his body. The first thing to change was that his feet disappear
:iconicypika:icypika 15 9


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